Toad's Lily Pond Jewelry Company Policies


Hi there! I’m Chandreyee of Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry and this small business has been my passion since I started it. Jewelry has been my passion long before that. When I make my designs, I do so hoping that the person who buys it will see it the same way that I do. I have truly learned to value something that is handmade because there was thought, anticipation, feeling and a part of self that was put into that item. Even if there is more than one, there will never be the amount that a department store sales because the maker is not a machine. That in itself makes the item valuable and that is what I hope my customers will find amazing about my store, my jewelry, and my story. Moreover, my biggest hope is that my customers will cherish the items they buy from me. Each item I make has a story behind it; from each individual piece to the fully made piece of jewelry. I hope that you will further that story and give it a ‘life’ of its own. 

 Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Services will not be refused on the basis of race, gender, religion, ability, or orientation.   

Purchasing / Payment

Unless otherwise mentioned, all individuals interested in purchasing jewelry from Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry have a variety of options to choose from. Payments should be received in 48 hours.

 1)     Social Media

  1. Comment on a photo of the item you wish to purchase or message the page with the link to the photo. An invoice will be sent via Paypal unless otherwise requested.

 2)     Posted Link

  1. Follow the link to purchase the particular item. Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry sells on third party major platforms as Etsy, Lulla, The Craftstar, Opensky, as well as on

 Payments are accepted in the following forms:

 1)     Third Party Platforms

  1. Paypal
  2. Credit / Debit Card
  3. Direct Check Out
  4. E-Check*

 2)     Offline Payments

  1. Cash
  2. Check*
  3. Money Order*
  4. Credit / Debit Card**

 International Orders

 1)     Exchange rates vary by country; Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry is based out of the United States and  bases all pricing on USD. Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry will not lower cost of an item to accommodate non-USD prices.

 Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry retains documentation of all processed orders; however, customer credit card numbers, checking account information, or any other banking sensitive information is NOT stored by TLPJ or its employees.  

 All purchase prices are final sale and are non-negotiable.

 Utah purchases are subject to a sales tax of 6.8%.

 * All purchases made using this payment method will be processed upon processed and cleared payment. Plase contact TLPJ staff prior to mailing  a check or money order. Checks & Money Orders should be made payable to “Chandreyee Johnson.”

** All purchased made using this payment method offline will need to have specific information given. All information given will NOT be stored or distributed by Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry, nor by its employees.  

Shipping & Processing Time

Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry ships via the United States Postal Service (USPS) using First Class mail with delivery confirmation tracking. All items can be tracked via

  Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry approximates that all purchases will be shipped out within 7 business days; however, times may be much shorter.

 Customized jewelry is approximated to ship In 7-14 business days, depending on available materials. Communication in these instances will be maintained with the customer as progress is made on the purchase request.

 Postal Shipping Times

1)     Domestic

  1.  The United States Postal Service estimates that first class packages are estimated to be delivered within 3-5 business days; however, can take up to 30 business days (contact your local post office for questions).

2)     International

  1. The United States Postal service estimates that first class packages shipped internationally are estimated to arrive within 7-15 day; however, can take up to 31 business days.

 Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry checks on package delivery status on Monday or Thursday of each week. If a package has not been delivered within its estimated time frame, TLPJ will contact the post office and customer to inquire about delivery and further action will be taken as needed. See Refunds.  


Shipping Costs

1)     First Class 3 oz Domestic : $3.75  + $0.50 per each additional item. (Domestic / local United States only)

2)     First Class 3 oz Canada: $8.00 + $0.50 per each additional item. (Canada only).

3)     First Class 3 oz International (all other countries): $12.50 + $0.50 per each additional item. (Worldwide).

International Orders

1)     It is a federal crime in the United States to falsely represent the purchase price of an order and is punishable by jail and heavy fines. Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry will NOT falsely document the purchase price on customs forms; please do not ask.

2)     Every country has its own policy on foreign packages and tariffs associated with such. Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry is not liable or responsible for any incurred fees associated with customs and postal charges; these are the responsibility of the customer. Please check with your local mail delivery service to inquire about royalty or customs fees and rates.


Shipping Upgrades

1)     Shipping upgrades are available by request. The following options are available.

  1. Priority Mail Upgrade

                                          i.    US additional shipping price: $5.95 (total US Shipping price for Priority Upgrade = $9.70. Includes prioritized order processing).

                                         ii.    International additional shipping price: $15.00 (total International shipping price for priority upgrade = $27.5. Includes prioritized order processing.)

  1. Express Mail Upgrade

                                          i.    US additional shipping price: $22

  1. Includes express order processing (processed same day as shipping upgrade).

                                         ii.    International express upgrade unavailable at this time.

 If you need a package to have delayed shipping, please let us know upon purchasing so we can ensure proper dispatching.  

RUSH Orders

The artisan designer behind Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry is also a a student, mother, wife, and part time employee for adolescents in rehab. Because of these extra responsibilities, order processing times are stated at 7 business days in general. Times are likely to be less; however, we understand that last minute buys are quite common. If  you need to have an item shipped out within 1-3 business days, please be aware that you can purchase a “Rush” processing order which will place your order at the top of the list. Note that this price does not include priority shipping; if that is needed, additional shipping can be purchased. Please let us know as soon as possible; preferably before you order so we can create a customized product listing meeting your shipping needs. 


Custom orders are always welcome; whether you are customizing the color of an earring set or are creating a whole new piece. Please be aware that when you are creating a whole new piece, Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry requires 30% or a minimum of $15 (whichever is greater) upfront and is a non-refundable deposit. This non-refundable fee covers time spent researching or figuring details and purchasing needed materials. Actual work and purchases of needed materials for your customized piece will not begin until the deposit has been made. 

Third Party Information & Newsletters

Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry does not contract with any third party agencies and will not share your information with anyone*. Upon initial purchases, TLPJ will send a contact e-mail regarding your purchase. If you wish to receive e-mail updates, please visit our opt-in services.  After purchases, Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry does periodically send out physical mail typically one month after purchases and near the end of the first year following your purchase.

Jewelry For a Cause Correspondence

1)     Effective August 24, 2015, if you purchased an item for which a donation was given to a particular agency, Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry will send e-mail correspondence or a physical letter confirming the donation.  

* In purchasing Jewelry for a Cause items, your first initial and last name will be shared as an “In honor of” donation to the corresponding foundation. NO contact information of yours will be shared.

1)     International Bipolar Foundation  ( )

2)     The Joyful Heart Foundation ( )

3)     MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) ( )

4)     Stomp Out Bullying ( )

5)     Suicide Prevention Lifeline (

Refund Policy

In general, Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry does not process refunds or exchanges; however, each situation is subject to individual handling *. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us within 48 hours of package arrival**. After this point, buyer assumes all responsibility.

* To ensure the safety of all customers, earrings are not returnable at any time. Because of the nature of earrings, it would be unsafe and unsanitary for Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry to resell or “part out” pieces from earrings which have left our shop.  Thank you for understanding.

** Package arrival indicates day of arrival via USPS tracking. If a package arrives at 9:48 AM on Tuesday, the buyer has until Thursday evening at 11:59 PM (MST) to contact TLPJ.



All jewelry is shipped via USPS first class mail with confirmation delivery. If USPS shows that a package has been delivered, the purchase is considered complete and processed. In the rare instance that USPS has lost a package, after 15 days (United States, 30 days International), Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry will contact the post office to attempt to locate it.  If USPS is unable to locate the package after 48 hours, Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry will re-ship the item or offer a refund in the event that the jewelry item is no longer available.

 Shipping cost cannot be refunded after an item has shipped as the package has already been paid for and funds cannot be retrieved. Thank you for understanding.

In the rare event that your item is damaged in transportation, a partial refund, credit, or exchange may be issued, as determined by Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry.


Damaged  Item Requirements:

The buyer is required to send photographs of all packaging and  jewelry item(s). It may be further requested that the buyer additionally send the item back if further investigation is needed. This will be at buyer’s expense and can be refunded in the event that it is determined to be postal service error. To protect both parties, it is required that the buyer returns the package with tracking information and provides such tracking info to Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry staff to ensure delivery.



Should you be missing an item from your order or in the extremely rare event that the wrong item was shipped, one of two options are available:

1)     Shipment of the missing item(s) will be processed same day.

  1. PROOF of missing items is required. Damaged item requirements apply. Please see above.

2)     A partial refund for your purchase may be issued (as determined by TLPJ) and no further action will be taken. “No further action” also constitutes no negative feedback from Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry or buyer.

Earrings are non-returnable due the sensitive sanitary nature of an earring. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us. We will be happy to offer a reasonable solution.



Toad’s Lily Pond Jewelry will not issue a refund on any items wishing to be returned based on buyer’s remorse once shipped. Because we believe that jewelry should be free of wear and unnecessary handling and would not sell our customers something worn or overly handled, we cannot accept items back for selling purposes once they have left our facilities. Thank you for understanding and helping to maintain the integrity of our items.  



Any proposed solution offered to our customers is valid for 30 DAYS from the date of original item delivery. After 30 days, if buyer has not selected an item to replace/exchange/credit, all offers are considered null and void and no further action will be taken on the part of the buyer or TLPJ.

 Policies and pricing are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

Last updated: 8/24/15

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