"The most rewarding part of making custom jewelry is seeing the smiles on the customer's face when they see the final project." --Chandreyee 

To be Unique

(If you are looking for our work, click on photos.)

What makes Toad's Lily Pond Jewelry different is that not only do we design and create as a whole all of what you see, we also take pride in creating special orders. We take what information you give us and turn it into a piece of jewelry. In being a custom jewelry maker, if you ask us for a flower pendant and what we have you don't prefer, we will search until we find the right one for you.  We pride ourselves in our work, so please feel free to ask questions. If we are making a custom piece for you (or someone you know), we will involve you every step of the way. 

Our products are made from a variety of items, including swarovski crystal, glass, tibetian silver, certified precious stones (coming soon!), and more.

For any orders, please contact us through e-mail, located in "contact us", or by phone on "Home Page". Please note that orders placed may take up to ten days to complete, as most are made upon placement of order. We look forward to hearing from you!  

About the Owners

Making jewelry is something that Chandreyee has been doing since a young age. As a child, she would take apart her grandmother's necklaces and put them back together after she finished admiring their 'shininess'. As a teenager, she began to use small beads and created many unique necklaces and matching earrings. Now as an adult, she has learned how to demonstrate both the unique look of what she grew up doing and collaborate it with what is now in style and/or just things that she finds attractive. 

Corey has been a creative artist for as long as he can recall. Very talented with taking something he sees and creating something more elaborate and intricate than it's original work. With a keen eye for fashion combined with the understanding for the need to be different, he makes an excellent source for creating incredible pieces of work.

Together, combining their creativity and unique talent, they will work together to ensure that the final product you receive is of the utmost quality possible. Guaranteed. 
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